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Macro experiment with bubbles

Today I wanted to experiment with some macro photography. While I enjoy doing macro stuff, I have never tried arranging things like this before. It was fun and I will try to do some more experiments like this soon. I have a few ideas.

To get 1:1 macro I use a 50mm lens and a teleconverter, macro on a budget as it were. You need a lot more light this way, which can be a problem. But it´s still possible to get some pretty nice photos this way.


Water and color

We arrived at Gotland during the night, so today we were all lazy and tired. And the weather was strange, warm but very hazy. So I spent most of the day inside, except for an hour spent photographing some birds. Plenty of time for watercolor in other words.

The painting you see here was a pretty quick thing, but I´m kind of happy with it. Even though it looks better in person. The photo is too pale. I was hoping to paint the sunset here, but since it´s so hazy outside you can´t really tell the ocean from the sky right now. Maybe tomorrow. I have to be content with landscapes from fantasy for now.

I´m not really sure if this drawing is looking to plain or not. Adding a new element to it might not be a good idea though. I was thinking about adding some more texture to it, in the grass for example. But decided against it until I´m convinced it´s a good idea. Does anyone have an opinion on this?

Tomorrow will be photography time for me, but I also hope to get to paint my sunset. I need to paint from life more 😛

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