The blog has been rather slow lately, mostly because I’ve had some trouble with my hands that made writing and art making rather difficult. Of course, Christmas has also eaten a big part of my time, but i wouldn’t have it any other way. I enjoy it immensely. All the lights, the food and getting to spend time with family. Great stuff.

On the subject of my bothersome hands, I’ve had painful joints and trouble bending my fingers. Which is not the best thing for creating art or being a productive person in general. My right hand, which just so happens to be my dominant one, is the worst. So maybe I have strained it to much or something. I have been trying to use my left hand instead, but with limited success.

At least this has forced me to be more aware of how i treat my body and respect the fact that i have to take breaks sometimes. Even though i tend to get carried away while I´m working on something. I have been researching ways to make the strain easier on my hands. Things like how to sit properly, different ways to hold a pencil, stretching and even a different keyboard layout. I will try to write a bit about that later, in case someone else have the same problems that i do. Or in case you don’t and desire to keep it that way. If I ever get used to this new keyboard layout that is.

Take care of your hands everyone, you kind of need those. Remember to take breaks sometimes:)