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Spring trees

Many of the trees around here are in bloom right now, a very beautiful sight. One of the many great things about this time of the year.

This is the SMC Pentax-A 35-70mm f4 again. I feel like I have a good grip of how this lens behaves now.

The city in bloom

I took a detour last after a visit to the library to look at all the flowers of late spring that are cropping up in the park. The central parts of my city have some really wonderful parks. A pretty big variety of flowers for this time of the year, compared to my hometown which is a good bit further north.

All of the photos you see here were captured using the SMC Pentax-A 35-70mm f4. It´s nice to have a some zoom lens when you take the camera for a walk for some extra flexibility, though this particular one does not go very wide. There is a value in working around limitations though.

There was not a lot of post processing done with these photos, just a few minor tweaks. It didn´t seem necessary to me. But what do you think, do they look alright? I am a bit uncertain about the colors. I have tried adjusting my screen to display them properly, but I really don´t know.

What is your favorite spring flower?

Some flowers from the castle garden


This summer I moved to the third largest city in Sweden, Malmö. It´s a lot further south than my hometown, wich means the season for flowers last a lot longer.

These photos are from a visit to the castle garden. The castle garden is fully organic and contains several themed gardens as well as a vegetable garden.

My original intention was to photograph some of the birds in the area, so i only brought my 55-300mm lens along. But the birds turned out to be few and far away, so i turned my attention to the flowers instead. The lens was not the perfect tool for the job, but worked well enough.

New photos from a new town

It´s really been a long time since my last post. I just moved to a new town to study, and all the packing and preparing kept me very busy.  But now I´m back, with a better internet connection.

This move was quite long, to a completely new part of the country. But it´s been an interesting experience. This little town is named Ronneby, for those who are interested. And it has one of the most beautiful parks in Sweden. So a lot of times been spent exploring. There will be a lot of photos, be prepared.

Most of the shots today are flowers, but I will post some photos of the park itself soon. The sun was a bit to bright today, but I can´t complain.

All of the pictures here were taken worth my “macro kit”, a 50mm and a 2x teleconverter. I like to be able to get really close while still being able to focus to infinity. It feels like I´m starting to get better at this stuff now, but there´s always more to learn.

I´m especially proud of the photo of the spider. Not a very good capture prehaps. But since a have a terrible phobia of spiders, getting close to it was a real accomplishment to me. Tough it left me horrified.

Lots of lilies


I´ve been absent for a bit again lately, went on a small journey and didn´t really have any internet connection. But now I´m back with a new post, featuring one of my favorite flowers.

We´ve had lilies growing in our garden for as long as I can remember. We fought the battle against the bugs who were out to get them, and won.

Lilies come in many different colors, every one with their own charm. And they are excellent subjects for both photos and paintings. It´s just a very stylish flower. I actually plan to make a watercolor with a lily as subject soon. The hard part is deciding on how to do it.

Most of these shots were taken in my grandmothers garden, where there were a lot of nice subjects. Not just lilies and other flowers, there are also plenty of butterflies. She had several different colors of lilies available, not just the orange ones that we have at home.

My photography’s been a bit uninspired lately. So to get out of that, I decided to play around with the camera a bit. It´s easy to stop experimenting once you get used to the camera. But that´s a bad thing. So i tried to experience and capture the same subjects in many different ways here. Mostly be playing around with focus and aperture. It´s interesting to try to get the focus just right, and vital to the finished photo of course.

All of these photos were taken with the 18-55 kit lens. I like it a lot, and use it most of the time. But I have also ordered an old 50mm from a certain well-known auction site. It might not be the best lens out there, but it was cheap and supposedly in good condition. And I love the older lenses. Hopefully it actually arrives, in one piece. These things always make me nervous.

What flower is your favorite?

The botanical garden

Been a few days since my last post, I´ve been very busy for a while. I got accepted into the education I wanted, and now I will be moving a long way from home. So a lot of time have been spent looking for somewhere to live. But now that I finally seem to have found a place, let´s celebrate with some flower photography!

Most of these are from the botanical garden that I visited last week, a very good place for anyone who likes flowers and other plants.

I´m really enjoying my camera, and the best thing about it has to be the fact that it´s mine. Just being able to take photos every day gives a lot of opportunities to learn. And to capture things I missed before, including many beautiful flowers.

I´m pretty happy with the close up capabilities provided by my kit-lens. But I´m still thinking about getting something that can go closer. I do have a teleconverter that enables a 1:1 ratio for your photos. I sadly don´t have any lens that goes well with it though. I´m thinking about getting a 50mm of some kind, preferably an older one. It shouldn´t be to expensive, and probably a good lens for portraits to.

For now I´m happy with what i got
though. And i plan to find a lot more things to photograph. What´s your favorite subject?

Island of roses

I have mentioned in another post that Gotland is also called the island of roses. So to give the flowers their own post seemed like a good idea.

I went to the botanical garden today, something I looked forward to for some time. They had a number of interesting flowers and plants, both from Sweden and beyond. And of course there was many different kinds of roses. I`m not going to show you all of them this time, just a selected (not so) few.

A few of these flowers proved to be quite the challenge. Especially the ones with very strong colors, like yellow and red. It was hard to get enough contrast, it all just melted together into one vaguely rose-shaped thing. But I still had a great day, and the weather kept nice enough until we got back home. And I could spend the cold evening going through the photos of the day.

The raw format is my new best friend, but I´m having a hard time deciding just how much is enough. I don´t want my pictures to look overly edited. A lot of the shots in this post are basically straight out of the camera, I really like that. Can you tell wich ones? I would like to be able to show every picture as it is. But at the same  time I wan´t them all to be the best they can be.

On another note, I also took lots of other shots today. At the cathedral for example. They will all be posted at some point. I have enough themes thought up to last me some time. And there will be a post about the other flowers at the botanical garden at some point. There´s no escaping it 😀

Flowers everywhere!

Sorry about posting two things about flowers and photography in a row, but it´s that time of the year:)

We finally had some sun and warmth today. Hopefully it lasts until the day we graduate from school.

I´ve been doing some drawing as well, and recently I got some oil paints as a gift. So some more stuff is to be expected soon. I hope to have some more time soon, when school ends.

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