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Almost summer

I think yesterday was our warmest day so far, a taste of what awaits us once  summer starts for real. We are in one of those transitional periods where the weather can´t be trusted and you are always dressed  wrong. But I still enjoy it, especially with all the flowers coming in.

We had a blue sky and lots of sunlight yesterday, which means the light was pretty harsh and a bit of a challenge. We don´t really get a whole lot of overcast days here during the summer, it´s  tends to be either sunny or raining.

Once again it´s flowers and other plants, photographed, with the SMC Pentax-A 35-70mm f4. I will do something different at some point, I promise. Maybe. Flowers is the subject I started with back in the day.


The city in bloom

I took a detour last after a visit to the library to look at all the flowers of late spring that are cropping up in the park. The central parts of my city have some really wonderful parks. A pretty big variety of flowers for this time of the year, compared to my hometown which is a good bit further north.

All of the photos you see here were captured using the SMC Pentax-A 35-70mm f4. It´s nice to have a some zoom lens when you take the camera for a walk for some extra flexibility, though this particular one does not go very wide. There is a value in working around limitations though.

There was not a lot of post processing done with these photos, just a few minor tweaks. It didn´t seem necessary to me. But what do you think, do they look alright? I am a bit uncertain about the colors. I have tried adjusting my screen to display them properly, but I really don´t know.

What is your favorite spring flower?

A spring walk

We do not have much in the way of nature or parks right around where I live. At least not compared to my hometown. I guess being close to the sea makes up for some of it. But there are some neat things to be discovered anyway, if you look around a bit.

These photos were all taken with the SMC Pentax-A 35-70mm f4 lens. It´s a pretty nice lens to bring along for walks, small and sharp. It also does closeups very well, and I do love my closeups.

Flower bud

Flower bud

I haven’t been drawing a lot lately. Mostly because I’ve been very into jewellery making for a while now. But you will see more of that in a later post. Today, I wanted to show you one of the few drawings that did get finished.

This was a shorter project, drawn using a reference photo I snapped with my phone. I liked how the pink flower and green leaves looked against the brick wall.

The sketch was actually something I created a while back, but didn’t take any further at the time. I tend to have a whole bunch of sketches lying around that may or may not end up being made into a more finished artwork.

This was actually one of my first times working with colored pencil on watercolor paper. I don’t know why I never tried it before. It has a really nice texture that’s rather similar to what I normally look for in a good paper. And while I do enjoy my colored papers a whole lot, it does not always suit the subject. Especially not when you want to go for strong and clear colours.

I actually lost the reference photo I used for this about halfway through. The cause being a corrupted memory card, something I have never experienced before. But at least I learned something about the importance of backups. This led to a somewhat rushed finish for this drawing, where it didn’t end up quite the way I envisioned. But that rarely happens anyway.

What is your favourite paper? And have you ever had any incidents with memory cards or hard-drives?

Inktense pencils

I got a set of twelve inktense pencils for Christmas that I’ve had lots of fun experimenting with. I figured I would share my thoughts on them with you.

These are watersoluble pencils. But rather than the more common watercolor, this is ink. They are supposed to dry permanently, which means you can layer colors without disturbing the previous layers. That did not always work out though. At times, the colour could be lifted of with way to much ease. Maybe I should have allowed it to dry for a bit longer.

In addition to the pencils, there are also inktense blocks made from the same material as the pencil core. Has anyone tried those?

I found the colours to be brilliant and very intense, especially when they are used with water. But they also worked well dry. I would actually rate them among my favorite pencils when it comes to using them dry. They had a very nice softness to them. I’m concerned about the lightfastness however. Most of the colours in my set have decent ratings. But there can be a difference between what the rating says and how they actually perform. When we get a little more sunlight over here, i might test their lightfastness myself.

The flower is mostly made using heavy washes of ink, with some dry pencil on top. A little goes a long way with these if they are used with water, and i applied to much in places.

Overall, I enjoyed these pencils a lot. Has anyone of you tried them? What did you think?

Colored pencil drawings

I have a a5 sized sketchbook that I use for small drawings in colored pencil. It often comes along when I travel, and many of the drawings in there were created during long car rides. I tend to work to big when i try out new techniques and materials, and end up without the energy and motivation to actually finish. So keeping a small sketchbook like this is very helpful.

I did the landscape to try out a set of koh-i-noor polycolors i bought. They were pretty nice, soft and cheap. But the lightfastness is not as good as I would like and they seem to break easily. Oh well. There´s a lot of Derwent Coloursoft in there as well, and polychromos.

One of these is an exercise from a book by the way, the tomato. It´s from Masterful Color by Arlene Steinberg. I found it to be a very useful book, it thought me a lot more than I expected. Do you like to read books related to art? And do you find it useful?

Flower drawing

flowerI started using colored pencil a while back. This is a small drawing i did in my sketchbook to test some of the pencils I got for myself. Since I love flowers, drawing one seemed like a good idea.

Normally, I prefer mediums that allows me to work fast, since I tend to lose focus otherwise. But it was actually really nice to work with colored pencils as well. It´s good for detail, and I found it to be very relaxing as well. Another thing I noticed is that I tend to experiment with colors more when using this medium.

What´s your opinion on colored pencils?

Been a while

Hello there!

Anyone still following this?:) A very long time have passed since my last post. Life´s been moving quickly, and a lot of things are going on. A lot of the time I simply lacked the time and motivation to post here. But now I have found myself wanting to go back to posting here. Not every day, but I will aim for a couple of times a week for now.

So, see you later!


New photos from a new town

It´s really been a long time since my last post. I just moved to a new town to study, and all the packing and preparing kept me very busy.  But now I´m back, with a better internet connection.

This move was quite long, to a completely new part of the country. But it´s been an interesting experience. This little town is named Ronneby, for those who are interested. And it has one of the most beautiful parks in Sweden. So a lot of times been spent exploring. There will be a lot of photos, be prepared.

Most of the shots today are flowers, but I will post some photos of the park itself soon. The sun was a bit to bright today, but I can´t complain.

All of the pictures here were taken worth my “macro kit”, a 50mm and a 2x teleconverter. I like to be able to get really close while still being able to focus to infinity. It feels like I´m starting to get better at this stuff now, but there´s always more to learn.

I´m especially proud of the photo of the spider. Not a very good capture prehaps. But since a have a terrible phobia of spiders, getting close to it was a real accomplishment to me. Tough it left me horrified.

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