MarkersI recently got myself a few more of the promarkers I wrote about here. This time i bought two sets of 12. It was a good deal, and easier than picking out single pens. Last time I tried to pick the colors by myself I ordered what i thought was a light yellow, but it turned out to be more of a pale lime.

Even though i mentioned in my other post that i found the brush nib of the flexmarkers easier to use, I still went with promarkers this time. Mostly because I have found the flexmarkers to have some problems with the quality of the pen itself. I had a few markers dry up without any obvious reason. And when I try to take the cap of, the rest of the pen tends to come apart as well. It´s a shame, because otherwise it´s a really nice product. The quality of the promarkers is solid, on the other hand. They also work perfectly well for what I´m doing at this point.


I tried my new collection out on the picture to the right. Sadly, the colors are not quite right in the photo. The extra colors and a few tips from people around the web made blending with markers a lot easier. While I did have the blender at hand, I didn´t use it a here. It´s mostly a way to soften edges when i work to slowly. The blender is also useful for fading colors to white. Like always, I learned a lot while i was working on this. So there are plenty of things that would have been done in a different way today. But I enjoyed working on it.

Something I started doing recently is to use colored pencils on top of my marker works. That way I can compensate for my smaller range of colors and poor blending. It´s a very nice and easy way to add some more detail and shading to a work. This piece is mostly markers though.

Blending is in my opinion easier with the brush nib then with the bullet nib of the promarker. But recently, I have actually been using the chisel nib the most. It allows you to get more ink out, wich means it stays wet for longer. This makes it a lot easier to blend. Also, for my recent adventures in abstract art the nibs of the promarkers have been quite useful. I mostly go for flat colors there anyway. You might see this in a later post.

What do you think about markers?