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Flower bud

Flower bud

I haven’t been drawing a lot lately. Mostly because I’ve been very into jewellery making for a while now. But you will see more of that in a later post. Today, I wanted to show you one of the few drawings that did get finished.

This was a shorter project, drawn using a reference photo I snapped with my phone. I liked how the pink flower and green leaves looked against the brick wall.

The sketch was actually something I created a while back, but didn’t take any further at the time. I tend to have a whole bunch of sketches lying around that may or may not end up being made into a more finished artwork.

This was actually one of my first times working with colored pencil on watercolor paper. I don’t know why I never tried it before. It has a really nice texture that’s rather similar to what I normally look for in a good paper. And while I do enjoy my colored papers a whole lot, it does not always suit the subject. Especially not when you want to go for strong and clear colours.

I actually lost the reference photo I used for this about halfway through. The cause being a corrupted memory card, something I have never experienced before. But at least I learned something about the importance of backups. This led to a somewhat rushed finish for this drawing, where it didn’t end up quite the way I envisioned. But that rarely happens anyway.

What is your favourite paper? And have you ever had any incidents with memory cards or hard-drives?

Some space art



I wanted to try something new and a video on imagine fx inspired me to try creating a space scene. Since it was my first time doing something like this, I went for a simple composition with fewer elements to be concerned about.

When I try to draw an unfamiliar subject I prefer to work digitally. That way I don’t have to worry about wasting materials and can be free to experiment. This time I worked in photoshop. My biggest problem was to get the finished picture to look like my photoshop document. It lost a lot of contrast and colour depth somehow. I most likely made a silly mistake somewhere. Do you ever have this problem?

Fineliner doodle


Most nights, I will sit in my bed and draw for a while before going to sleep. A lot of people read books in a similar manner, though if I did that I would never get any sleep.

It’s usually nothing fancy, just some doodles or sketches. But you always learn something. In this case I worked with lines and got to improve my skills with a pen along the way.

A few new pens

Around christmas, I traveled to my hometown to visit my family. Now when I´m there, I always visit the local art supply store and get something new. They might not have the best selection, but it´s owned by some very nice and knowledgeable people. This year, I got myself a sketchbook and a pack of six Faber Castell pitt artist pens in earth tones. It´s the variety that has a brush tip and I mostly intended to use them as a tool for sketching. It should be noted that the brush tip is pretty hard. It´s not like what you find on a copic marker for example, and it´s not a brush with individual hairs. So if that´s what you´re looking for this might not be for you. They looked like a nice addition to the warm and cool greys I already own.

The colors included were walnut brown, caput mortuum, raw umber, dark naples ochre, cinnamon and terracotta. All the colors have the highest of the ratings for lightfastness, wich is given on a scale from one to three where one is worst. I haven´t verified if they actually hold up to longer exposures to daylight however, since I mostly use them in a sketchbook. But I never heard a complaint about it, at least.

I included some photos to give an idea about what kind of results you can expect from this type of pen. The sketchbook used is a little bigger than A5 in size and the paper is fairly thin and smooth. The pens didn´t bleed through to the other page, which is important if you intended to use them in a sketchbook. I think they could be interesting to use on bristol board, but have yet to try that.

How do you prefer to do your sketching?

Fenix in progress


I started this drawing of a phoenix some time ago, but I´ve had some trouble finishing it. I feel like there is some more work to be done on it, especially on the background. But I´m not sure how to do it. I guess you just get stuck sometimes.

This seems to be a frequent problem for me when working digitally. Sketching is fine, and I can see some advantages over doing it traditionally. But when it comes to doing fully developed artwork I just find it very awkward and time-consuming. I guess I need some more experience to figure out how I´m supposed to be doing things. What do you think about working digitally?

Abstract landscape


This is one of the few drawings I have finished lately. I wanted to experiment with making a more abstract version of something that would still be recognizable.

I made this using a variety of different markers, mostly promarkers and copic sketch. It´s on bristol board, wich I bought a while back because it was smooth and heavyweight. It was also recommended by a lot of people. Can´t say I`m a fan though, unfortunately. The copics looked speckled on it, and the ink kept bleeding over the edges. That´s something i have a hard time with. So I don´t think I will buy any more of it.

This time I did a sketch on a separate paper before transferring it over to the bristol board. I prefer working that way, since my sketches tend to be messy.

Picking out the colours was something I found to be difficult. It was easier for the sky, but I´m less than pleased with the ground.

I feel like I learned a lot while working with this. Both about my markers, about colour and about abstraction. There will likely be at least a few more drawings made in this style.  Do you have any ides for subjects?


Digital dragon

Sea dragon

I have been a bit busy with school lately, but I finally managed to finish some art. I´ve always had a love for fantasy creatures, especially dragons.

This is a drawing made using Photoshop and a tablet. I don´t tend to finish my digital drawings, so I have a ton that´s stuck at the sketching stage. But I tried out a different technique with this one, and it went a lot easier.

There are a lot of advantages to working digitally, especially since I really don´t have any decent working space at the moment. But I always found it to be a bit awkward, and my work would end up looking lifeless and stiff. Maybe it still does. I tried to be less exact this time though. Instead of doing what I usually do and work on lots of different layers on a complicated sketch where every piece is carefully painted with base colours before I move on. Here, the sketch was very rough and the shapes and details were developed along the way.

I´ve had some trouble with the contrast here, as well as deciding how light to go with the colours. Since what I see on my screen might not be what it looks like to others. I do think my screen does a decent job, but maybe it´s in need of some adjustment. What do you think?

Landscape in watercolor


I´ve been drawing lots of landscapes lately. So when I felt like doing some watercolor painting, there where plenty of finished sketches to choose from.

I´m one of those people who almost always do at least one preliminary sketch.

This painting is made using three primary colors and two earth tones, mixed in various ways. Just like my previous landscape. I tried painting the sky wet in wet this time however, which I think turned out pretty well. Normally, i´m to scared of ruining things to work with a lot of water.  But there will be further experiments with this technique in the future.I also tried using a fan brush, that I bought at a local art supply store for next to nothing. Might have gotten a bit carried away and used it too much. Oh well, at least I learned something.

There where the usual problems with getting the photo to somewhat match the original painting. It´s not quite there yet, a lot of the more subtle shades have been lost. Overall, it seems very of. But this was the best I could do.

Maybe next time, I will make a landscape where there´s spring. I would need a different green though. What´s your favorite type of green?

Inktense pencils

I got a set of twelve inktense pencils for Christmas that I’ve had lots of fun experimenting with. I figured I would share my thoughts on them with you.

These are watersoluble pencils. But rather than the more common watercolor, this is ink. They are supposed to dry permanently, which means you can layer colors without disturbing the previous layers. That did not always work out though. At times, the colour could be lifted of with way to much ease. Maybe I should have allowed it to dry for a bit longer.

In addition to the pencils, there are also inktense blocks made from the same material as the pencil core. Has anyone tried those?

I found the colours to be brilliant and very intense, especially when they are used with water. But they also worked well dry. I would actually rate them among my favorite pencils when it comes to using them dry. They had a very nice softness to them. I’m concerned about the lightfastness however. Most of the colours in my set have decent ratings. But there can be a difference between what the rating says and how they actually perform. When we get a little more sunlight over here, i might test their lightfastness myself.

The flower is mostly made using heavy washes of ink, with some dry pencil on top. A little goes a long way with these if they are used with water, and i applied to much in places.

Overall, I enjoyed these pencils a lot. Has anyone of you tried them? What did you think?

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