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Experiment with masking fluid


It’ s always fun to try new tools, especially when they work well. This time that tool was masking fluid, also known as liquid frisket.

Masking fluid usually consists of latex, water and ammonia, often with some kind of pigment added so you can see where it has been applied. Put some on the paper, let it dry and then you can just pain on top of it. This way it’s possible to preserve highlights or other shapes that would be complicated to paint around.

After trying it out with this quick painting I feel like this is something that I will make use of a lot in the future. I enjoy using my watercolor with lots of water and my painting can get messy at times. It might be useful for other mediums as well, I´m going to look into that.

Art supplies addiction: Promarkers and flexmarkes

Hello everyone. I´ve been away from blogging for to long now. Schools been eating all my time, and free time has been a very rare thing. But now things are slowing down a bit, at least for now. I have so many things to catch up on here, so let’s get started!

Even though my art skills might be lacking, art supplies are still a bit of an obsession. So I decided to share my thoughts on some of them with you all. It will become a series of sorts i guess. Note that this is just my personal opinions, not anything official. And I´m just a humble newbie.

I recently started to take interest in makers, after seeing them being used in school. Since the different markers from british letraset seemed to offer a good balance between price and quality, I decided to get some promarkers and flexmarkers. These also had the advantage of being easy to find here in Sweden.

Both markers an alcohol based, and work very well together. The main difference between them is that the flexmarker has a brush tip in one end, while the promarker has a bullet nib. I find the brush to be easier to use personally, but they both have their uses.

Markers was fun, but quite different from what I´m used to. You need to work fast with these things, as they mostly blend when wet. I think the paper used can have some influence here. They also tend to bleed, so be aware of that.

Since I wanted to try both promarkers and the newer flexmarkers I decided not to buy a set. I failed a bit at picking out the colors tough. Light colors are easier to blend, and the markers can also be layered to create a darker shade. So I advice everyone else interested in markers to start with light shades. Going for more similar colors would likely help as well.

I bought a blender for myself while I was at it. I have yet to really figure it out though. But I´ve only had the markers for a day, so I guess there´s no rush. The blender is basically a colourless markers, used to blend and lighten colors. It tends to leave ugly spots and edges for me, but can be used for some nice texture. Like scales for dragons. Maybe a blender with a brush tip would be better.

If you are sensitive, the smell of the alcohol based markers could be a problem. I tend to work near open windows personally.

Despite being a bit tricky to use, the markers where fun. I will definitely expand my set a bit in the near future to get some shades that work a bit better together. I see a lot of use for this medium:)

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