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Macro experiment with bubbles

Today I wanted to experiment with some macro photography. While I enjoy doing macro stuff, I have never tried arranging things like this before. It was fun and I will try to do some more experiments like this soon. I have a few ideas.

To get 1:1 macro I use a 50mm lens and a teleconverter, macro on a budget as it were. You need a lot more light this way, which can be a problem. But it´s still possible to get some pretty nice photos this way.


Monochrome Monday

I wanted to start doing some kind of weekly themed posts. The tricky part was deciding on what the theme should be. It seemed like a good idea to go with something that was not limited to one medium, to allow for some more variety. Another thing, which is a bit silly, is that I really wanted all the words in the title to start with the same letter. That seems to be how you are supposed to do it.

So I went with Monochrome Monday. I figured having a theme for the first day of the week would help me getting a good start. There will probably be a lot of photography, but I have a few other ideas as well.

We will start it of with some photos of an old car that has been used for working on telephone poles, antennas and other difficult to reach stuff like that. I used the 18-55 kit lens here. That particular lens doesn´t see much use now, but it has some advantages. It´s also my widest lens.

I don´t have that much experience with converting photos from color like this and there are so many different ways to do it. I used the channel mixer, which I think turned out alright. What kind of method do you prefer?


Spring trees

Many of the trees around here are in bloom right now, a very beautiful sight. One of the many great things about this time of the year.

This is the SMC Pentax-A 35-70mm f4 again. I feel like I have a good grip of how this lens behaves now.

Almost summer

I think yesterday was our warmest day so far, a taste of what awaits us once  summer starts for real. We are in one of those transitional periods where the weather can´t be trusted and you are always dressed  wrong. But I still enjoy it, especially with all the flowers coming in.

We had a blue sky and lots of sunlight yesterday, which means the light was pretty harsh and a bit of a challenge. We don´t really get a whole lot of overcast days here during the summer, it´s  tends to be either sunny or raining.

Once again it´s flowers and other plants, photographed, with the SMC Pentax-A 35-70mm f4. I will do something different at some point, I promise. Maybe. Flowers is the subject I started with back in the day.


The city in bloom

I took a detour last after a visit to the library to look at all the flowers of late spring that are cropping up in the park. The central parts of my city have some really wonderful parks. A pretty big variety of flowers for this time of the year, compared to my hometown which is a good bit further north.

All of the photos you see here were captured using the SMC Pentax-A 35-70mm f4. It´s nice to have a some zoom lens when you take the camera for a walk for some extra flexibility, though this particular one does not go very wide. There is a value in working around limitations though.

There was not a lot of post processing done with these photos, just a few minor tweaks. It didn´t seem necessary to me. But what do you think, do they look alright? I am a bit uncertain about the colors. I have tried adjusting my screen to display them properly, but I really don´t know.

What is your favorite spring flower?

A spring walk

We do not have much in the way of nature or parks right around where I live. At least not compared to my hometown. I guess being close to the sea makes up for some of it. But there are some neat things to be discovered anyway, if you look around a bit.

These photos were all taken with the SMC Pentax-A 35-70mm f4 lens. It´s a pretty nice lens to bring along for walks, small and sharp. It also does closeups very well, and I do love my closeups.

The salt lake

I was on a wonderful vacation in Spain recently, accompanied by my sister and father. One day we wanted to do some exploring, and we ended up at Las Salinas de Torrevieja.

Since we travelled by plane, with all the weight restrictions and other concerns that comes with it, I wanted to bring as little equipment as possible. So these photos were all taken using the 18-55mm kit lens. They were handheld as well, since my tripod was a bit to heavy to bring along.

This lake is used for salt production, wich means it´s really salty. As a matter of fact, it´s way to high in salt for fish to survive in it. There are other forms of life however, such as a species of algae that´s responsible for turning the water pink. It´s also home to shrimp that apparently attracts flamingos during some parts of the year. We were not there at the right time though, unfortunately.

At least we got to see the beautiful reflections the lake has to offer. The water sitting on top of the salt acts like a mirror. It was a very impressive sight.

Geese at the pond

These are some more photos from the local pond. The birds here are excellent subjects if you intend to practice your photography. People tend to feed them, so they have very little fear of humans and often get close to people. Which can be a problem if you happen to have a slight fear of geese. They do have those saw toothed beaks and a somewhat threatening attitude.

Most of the geese i normally see are Canada geese. But these are a species called Greylag goose, or Anser Anser in latin. It’s basically the original goose.

Ducking about

The area i live in is a bit short on nature and wildlife, but with a generous supply of new buildings and construction sites. It’s not a bad place to live. However, it’s not what I’m used to and not really something I prefer. There are new recreational areas being developed though, which is nice. In one of these areas, there’s plenty of water surrounded by bushes. As you could imagine, this attracts birds. Mostly ducks and geese.

So here are a few ducks, photographed with my Pentax DA 55-300. It was mostly used on 300mm. A lot of people feed the birds here, so they are pretty used to human contact. A bit too much so even. Standing still for to long will attract them and they can get pretty physical at times.

I’m trying to get better at capturing birds in motion, but most of my decent photos were of stationary subjects.

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