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Colored pencil

Yellow bell pepper


This is a drawing i finished some time back, while I was visiting my parents for Easter actually. But I somehow forgot to take a decent picture of it. So it had to wait until now, when I’m once again back in my home town to spend some of the summer with my family.

It´s done in colored pencil, a mix of several different brands. I had just gotten a new pencil case, one of those where every pencil goes through an elastic hoop and you then roll the whole thing up. A lot of time were spent picking just the right pencils for my travel kit, to make sure I had a good selection of colors. I also tried to avoid the shortest pencils, just to make sure they wouldn’t become unusable while I was away from home.

I started this drawing because I wanted to practice drawing yellow objects. In my somewhat humble opinion, it´s one of the hardest colors to work with, especially when working with dry mediums. Mostly since you can´t get a really dark yellow, instead you will most of the time get some shade of orange. So my biggest problem was to get all the shadows right and give the object a sense of dimension while still making it look like a yellow bell pepper, not an orange one. There was some green in there as well, that i felt helped in making everything appear less monochrome.

The reflection of the pepper on the surface it was placed on caused me some trouble as well. I didn´t get it to look as smooth as i would have liked. Reflections are now on my list of things to practice.

This was done in a sketch pad containing Fabriano academica paper with a weight of 200gsm, which I have grown quite fond of. It has a god texture, but the drawing is now a bit warped. If this is caused by the rather heavy application of waxy pencils, or if it happened at a later date due to storage or something else I unfortunately can´t tell at this point.

Do you have any color that you fins to be extra troublesome?

Flower bud

Flower bud

I haven’t been drawing a lot lately. Mostly because I’ve been very into jewellery making for a while now. But you will see more of that in a later post. Today, I wanted to show you one of the few drawings that did get finished.

This was a shorter project, drawn using a reference photo I snapped with my phone. I liked how the pink flower and green leaves looked against the brick wall.

The sketch was actually something I created a while back, but didn’t take any further at the time. I tend to have a whole bunch of sketches lying around that may or may not end up being made into a more finished artwork.

This was actually one of my first times working with colored pencil on watercolor paper. I don’t know why I never tried it before. It has a really nice texture that’s rather similar to what I normally look for in a good paper. And while I do enjoy my colored papers a whole lot, it does not always suit the subject. Especially not when you want to go for strong and clear colours.

I actually lost the reference photo I used for this about halfway through. The cause being a corrupted memory card, something I have never experienced before. But at least I learned something about the importance of backups. This led to a somewhat rushed finish for this drawing, where it didn’t end up quite the way I envisioned. But that rarely happens anyway.

What is your favourite paper? And have you ever had any incidents with memory cards or hard-drives?

Colored pencil drawings

I have a a5 sized sketchbook that I use for small drawings in colored pencil. It often comes along when I travel, and many of the drawings in there were created during long car rides. I tend to work to big when i try out new techniques and materials, and end up without the energy and motivation to actually finish. So keeping a small sketchbook like this is very helpful.

I did the landscape to try out a set of koh-i-noor polycolors i bought. They were pretty nice, soft and cheap. But the lightfastness is not as good as I would like and they seem to break easily. Oh well. There´s a lot of Derwent Coloursoft in there as well, and polychromos.

One of these is an exercise from a book by the way, the tomato. It´s from Masterful Color by Arlene Steinberg. I found it to be a very useful book, it thought me a lot more than I expected. Do you like to read books related to art? And do you find it useful?

Flower drawing

flowerI started using colored pencil a while back. This is a small drawing i did in my sketchbook to test some of the pencils I got for myself. Since I love flowers, drawing one seemed like a good idea.

Normally, I prefer mediums that allows me to work fast, since I tend to lose focus otherwise. But it was actually really nice to work with colored pencils as well. It´s good for detail, and I found it to be very relaxing as well. Another thing I noticed is that I tend to experiment with colors more when using this medium.

What´s your opinion on colored pencils?

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