This is a really good website for those of you who are into drawing or painting. Or if you are a photographer who would like to make your work available to others as reference material. Maybe even both of these things.

Paint My Photo is a site for sharing photos that can be used for reference and inspiration. It has the advantage that all the photos in the library are available for use under the same terms, which makes it easier and safer for artists. At the same time, it’s a more controlled environment then many other places and photographers don’t  have to worry about giving up the rights to their work. You should take care to read all the terms and conditions if you become a member on the site to make sure it sounds  fine to you personally though.

It does come with some restrictions. For example, the reference photos may only be used for traditional work, not digital. But it´s still a very useful resource. There is also a very friendly community to take part in.

I upload some photos for reference myself at times, but my gallery is still rather empty. I will try to remedy that at some point.