My ability to create any kind of art is still pretty limited. But I figured I could at least help someone else out by sharing some of the great resources I have made use of over the years. So this will be like a series of sorts.

Let’s start with a great tool for figure drawing, which is also completely free. Because its great practice if you want to improve your drawing skills. But finding either classes or models can be quite difficult, as well as expensive. Or maybe you are already taking classes but want to practice some more. Either way, an online tool is very convenient.  I will drop the link right here so I don’t forget about it.

They include tools for faces, hands and animals in addition to normal figure drawing stuff. I have been using the option for faces the most myself. There are some options to help you narrow down what you want to practice, like only sad faces or only aquatic animals for example. I haven’t used those options very much however.

What’s your favorite artist tool?