I was on a wonderful vacation in Spain recently, accompanied by my sister and father. One day we wanted to do some exploring, and we ended up at Las Salinas de Torrevieja.

Since we travelled by plane, with all the weight restrictions and other concerns that comes with it, I wanted to bring as little equipment as possible. So these photos were all taken using the 18-55mm kit lens. They were handheld as well, since my tripod was a bit to heavy to bring along.

This lake is used for salt production, wich means it´s really salty. As a matter of fact, it´s way to high in salt for fish to survive in it. There are other forms of life however, such as a species of algae that´s responsible for turning the water pink. It´s also home to shrimp that apparently attracts flamingos during some parts of the year. We were not there at the right time though, unfortunately.

At least we got to see the beautiful reflections the lake has to offer. The water sitting on top of the salt acts like a mirror. It was a very impressive sight.