When I got my new and shiny telezoom that I wrote about here, I also got a renewed interest in bird photography. Since this lens is lighter and more flexible than the 400mm beast I´ve used previously i end up bringing it along a lot more frequently.

The birds that live in this park have the advantage of being easy to find and quite comfortable around humans, since people feed them a lot. So it´s a great place for practice.

I ended up with a lot more noise in the pictures then I would have liked, wich is something to improve on next time. It was also a very sunny day with a clear bluer sky. So the light was a bit to harsh for my taste. There were lots of black shadows and bright white highlights. But at least I learned something.

I processed these in a few different ways, with some receiving noise reduction. But for the most part it´s just some colour correction and level adjustments. The bird with the red beak had some major problems with areas being either under or overexposed, so I experimented a lot with that one. It looks  a lot better now than it did before, but i feel like there´s a limit to how much time I´m willing to spend on it. It´s a pretty bird though.