Early this summer I bought a new lens for my camera. It´s my first completely new and modern lens, and I´ve been enjoying it quite a bit. When i bought it, I had the intention of bringing it with me during my yearly visit to the zoo. unfortunately, I have yet to visit any zoos. I´ve been very busing, moving to a beautiful new apartment in a new city. But we will talk some more about that later. Now, back to the lens.

I choose the DA 55-300 because it seemed like a good performer for a good price. I was not disappointed in that regard. It also has quick shift, wich means you can adjust focus manually even though you’re using autofocus. It´s really useful. A lens hood is also include, as well as a soft bag to keep the lens in. I think the build quality is good, but it does extend out quite a bit when zooming, wich leads to it feeling a bit unbalanced at times when I use it on my k-r. It would probably fit well on a bigger camera.

Since i only have two autofocus lenses from before, one of them rarely used,  I was very excited about trying it out. It was a pretty pleasant experience. For the most part, the autofocus is rather accurate. I got some nice and sharp photos i normally would have missed. I also value this because it means the lens can be used by my family members with ease. There are some problems in this area however. The major one being that the autofocus uses a screw operated mechanism that tends to sound like a chainsaw. Wich is a problem, since most animals apparently dislike the sound of chainsaws. This is most noticeable when it has a hard time finding anything to focus on. So for shy animals, manual is the way to go.

The manual focus works pretty well. It´s not like my old and fully manual lenses, but I found it to be a lot better than my kit lens. The zoom ring is very wide, and there is no zoom creep that I know of.

The zoom range is very useful, and I was really lacking good lenses in the 55-300 range. It´s a good lens to match up with the 18-55 kit lens for a lightweight travel kit. All the pictures in this post were taken on my first day with the lens and are converted from raw format with no processing so you can get an idea of how this lens performs. I tried to include a variety of subjects.

What´s your favorite lens?