pastel drawing

I got a set of pastels around christmas, and now I finally get around to post one of the first pictures I made with them. It´s a medium I have wanted to try for some time, but other things have previously gotten in the way.

These where pretty cheap pastels, and they did have som hard spots wich made them a bit annoying to use. But overall it was a nice medium. I liked how they blended, and the fact that you could cover large areas quickly.

It was hard to create small details using the pastel sticks, though some could be achieved using the edges. Pastel pencils could be an option. Avoiding those small details could be a good thing however. I guess it´s a matter of learning to use every medium to their advantage. 

I think pastels might work well in mixed media, maybe together with colored pencils. It could be interesting to experiment with that.

The major negative thing about these pastels are the dust. I have a pretty small living area that I share with one more person, and the dust quickly made it uncomfortable. Even though I avoided blowing the dust of my paper, I was soon coughing.

So maybe I will have to avoid pastels for the time being. Or do some brands create less dust then others? Or do you know of any clever way to deal with the dust?