When I feel like drawing on the go, I often use different fineliners and such. It’s a nice complement to the colored pencil drawings I showed in an earlier post. Most of these drawings are pretty small, they usually take up quite a bit less than an a5 page.

The majority of these are drawn straight from imagination, with some exceptions. Like the drawing of a pond in a local park that’s been drained of water. That ones from life, but with the stippling added later.

I use a variety of different fineliners, from many different brands. I’m trying to test as many as possible to find out wich one i like the most. The sizes that sees the most use here is 0.1 and 0.3, but that’s something that varies as well. There’s also some pitt brush pens from faber castell in there, in a range of warm and cool greys.

Do you like to create drawings and doodles when you are on the move? And if so, what do you use?