I’ve had some problems with my internet connection for a while, but now I can finally post again:)

Doing abstract works in marker is something I have enjoyed for a while. Especially when I have a lot of other things that needs to be done, like schoolwork. They are reasonably fast to do, and very relaxing.

Most of the time, I do a quick sketch before starting the final drawing. Usually while travelling to and from school. Since the paper I use for the markers is so thin, I just place the sketch underneath the paper I´m planning to work on without any need to transfer the sketch. Sometimes I only use markers, but most of the time I like adding shading and details with colored pencils. Out of the two drawings here, the colorful one contains colored pencil. The other one, that I decided to name “Hellbirds” is only marker. It’s one of the few drawings I have done that has actually been given a name. Do you usually name things?