It´s time for another post about my visit to the zoo, this time about some of the big cats.

It was a pretty warm and sunny day when we went there, so most of the cats where lazy and spending most of their time in the shade. The tigers and jaguars didn’t offer any good opportunists for photos this time, but I hope to visit again before the summer is over. We didn’t see the clouded leopard either, which was a shame. I was really looking forward to getting new photos of it.

Most of these photos were taken with my 400mm lens and a tripod. The tripod helped a lot, but since it’s pretty new I’m not quite used to it yet. So using it is a bit slow. Not having to think as much about my shaky hands was nice and made my day a lot more enjoyable.

Many of the animals in these photos are behind glass, which is of course a problem. Especially for the lions, where the glass is full of tiny scratches. The reflections also tend to be hindrance.

This time, I did the processing of my raw files using photoshop and associated software. It was a big change from the stuff that I got along with the camera. I have yet to figure it out completely, since there’s so much to learn. But I do like how much faster it is. I have way to many folders and way to many files. Do tell me if i have done

too much editing somewhere, I tend to get carried away.

Last years photos are over here, though the include some of the smaller cats that i plan to do a separate post on. Maybe it’s not really comparable. What do you think?