I enjoy a lot of different mediums when it comes to creating art, and always want to try new things. So when i stumbled upon the free 3D sculpting software Sculptris, of course I needed to do something with it.

Sculptris is provided by the same company who makes ZBrush. Of course, Sculptris doesn´t have the same functionality. But then again, it doesn´t set you back almost 700$ either. And it´s lots  of fun to play around with. It´s also easy to get started with it, which is nice.

I have done some stuff in 3D before, but mainly in Blender. Which is also a great and free program, but not really the same thing. In many situations, it´s probably easier to start in blender and make a rough base. This base can then be moved into Scupltris where it can be refined. Then it can be moved back into Blender to be animated. I´m also thinking about if the stuff created using this program can have some other use, other than just looking nice. Maybe the models could be used as references for drawings, as an example.

I will probably make more stuff like this in the future, if i find the time.