This week, I did my yearly visit to the local zoo to photograph the animals. I´m going to make a few posts with photos taken there. We will start with the otters. The post I made about them last year can be seen here

It´s always lots of fun for me to visit the zoo, especially when it comes to comparing my photographs to the ones taken the year before. I had some new equipment this year, and it was nice to see the difference it made in my work. The most important addition was a tripod that made getting reasonably sharp photos a lot easier. I will talk more about this in a coming post.

The 100-300mm  zoom I  used last year have been replaced with a 135mm lens I got for next to nothing from an online auction site. The zoom was just not a very good lens, and the 135mm is a lot lighter and also a good bit faster.

As for the otters themselves, these are small-clawed otters (Aonyx cinerea). It´s the smallest species of otter in the world. We were lucky enough to be there at feeding time this year as well, so I got the opportunity the take photos of them snacking on fish and pieces of meat. They were lots of fun both to watch and photograph.

I personally think these photos came out better then those from last year. A big part of this is probably the fact that the otters had gained enough confident to go outside and swim in the water, which meant more light. But what do you think? Is it better, worse, or the same?