autumn landscape

Maybe it´s the bleak weather we had here for the past few days that inspired me to do an autumn landscape, even tough it´s spring right now. At least that´s what I´m told… Or maybe it´s just the fact that I recently got myself a few new paints. My old ones did pretty well, but i was concerned with the lightfastness for some of them. I only got three primaries this time, in addition to the lightfast earth tones I already had.

So in order to get familiar with the paints, I used a limited palette for this one. To be precise cadmium yellow, cadmium red, ultramarine and yellow ochre. But mixed in different ways of course. I found that my greens mostly came out as olives. But I do enjoy olives, and maybe it´s just the way I mixed them. Tough I´m thinking it´s one of the properties of the pigments.

I tried to use a more loose style for this, with more wet washes. Most of it was done during breaks while i was studying, which means i never worked on it for very long at once. Maybe that was a good thing, since it forced me to allow the water to dry properly. I also found that I could find mistakes in it easier. But of course many of them still sneaked past me.

There was some trouble with getting the colors right when I photographed this one. I did my best to get it somewhat right, but a lot of the more subtle shades are not really visible. I find this to often be the case with watercolors. Anyone got any hints for getting it right?