Though I like all kinds of animals, I have a special love for cats. Not only as friends and companions but also as subjects for my art.

We got our first cat about ten years ago. It´s the brown cat with the long fur you can see in some of the pictures here. We named her Sessan. I had wanted a cat for a long time before that, but it seemed like something that would never happen until that girl stole the hearts of everyone in my family. She is a cat with plenty of attitude and confidence. But she can also be very funny and loving. When I went back home for Christmas after spending several months away, I really expected her to ignore me as punishment for leaving. I was surprised and happy when she instead came running to me.

Our second cat was Lilly. We adopted her from a shelter when she was already an adult. Her previous owner left her alone in his apartment without any company and without enough food. She is a special cat with lots of peculiar personality traits. While Lilly is  pretty shy and lacking the confidence of out other cat, she makes up for it with a gentle personality.

The other cats pictured here don´t belong to my family. I know some of them well enough, others are basically unknown to me.

I enjoy taking photos of cats. Most of them are really photogenic actually. But there are difficulties with every subject, of course. The most obvious one with cats is that they move around. And they rarely seem to in the mood for sitting still and having their pictures taken. Some sort of distraction might be needed. A lot of cats, and animals in general, also tend to come close in order to sniff the camera. I tend to let them, since this will usually make them lose interest in it.

These days, I do most of my photography of pets with my old 50mm lens. I tend to use a large aperture, since it can give a pretty nice effect if done right. But the depth of field makes focusing a bit tricky at times.

What kind of animals do you enjoy, as company and in art?