A month of school projects ended completely a few days back, and I got to bring my portfolio home. You can see the result of the course in the big picture, though a couple of models are missing. Some things can also be viewed here.

It feels good to do something different now, and get some academic knowledge to connect with the more practical knowledge i have gained. I also have some more time for my own art now. I´m experementing a bit with mixed media, so keep an eye out for that if your interested.

I have very mixed feelings about the things produced during this project. On one hand, the time spent on it make all those papers very special to me. But I also see a lot of mistakes and things I could have done differently. But I suppose there´s no use dwelling on that now, I ´ll just have to remember my mistakes next time and avoid making them again.

Since we focus on spatial planning, the room and the shape of a place is very important. And so is the relationship between different places. Like many others, i tend to focus on the objects and the details, not the shape and the room created between objects. But maybe this new way of thinking can somehow be applied in my own art, to help me find improve as an artist.

Do you tend to focus on the details and the objects?