Schools been busy, I was there for over 12 hours today. But I have a lot of fun, event though there’s more work than I’m used to. Today, the assignments were more free than usual. We only had to make a two-point perspective based on the sketches and plans from earlier this week. You could go freehand for this. And while color wasn’t mandatory, it was appreciated by the teachers. We are also supposed to make model of the house, but I’ll save that for the weekend. Of course, I took the chance to use my watercolors. I’m quite happy with it actually. One of our teachers will occasionally tell us to remember that we are architects (of a kind) and not artists. But I think It’s fine to be both. And I’m learning a lot about drawing right now. Especially about how important it is to plan ahead. I have also learned a few things about patience, and the value of straight lines. This post is already longer then intended, but if your interested in some of the plans this painting is based on, go to my previous post. I will add links tomorrow. I also apologize for any strange misstakes in this post, I’m not used to writing things like this on my phone.