It´s really been a long time since my last post. I just moved to a new town to study, and all the packing and preparing kept me very busy.  But now I´m back, with a better internet connection.

This move was quite long, to a completely new part of the country. But it´s been an interesting experience. This little town is named Ronneby, for those who are interested. And it has one of the most beautiful parks in Sweden. So a lot of times been spent exploring. There will be a lot of photos, be prepared.

Most of the shots today are flowers, but I will post some photos of the park itself soon. The sun was a bit to bright today, but I can´t complain.

All of the pictures here were taken worth my “macro kit”, a 50mm and a 2x teleconverter. I like to be able to get really close while still being able to focus to infinity. It feels like I´m starting to get better at this stuff now, but there´s always more to learn.

I´m especially proud of the photo of the spider. Not a very good capture prehaps. But since a have a terrible phobia of spiders, getting close to it was a real accomplishment to me. Tough it left me horrified.