It´s been a very long time since I last posted a fractal here. Actually, the first post on this blog was the only fractal before this one. But it´s really one of my most commonly practised types of art.

This piece came to hold a special meaning to me, something I did not intend from the beginning. My grandmother came for a visit while I was tweaking this one. She´s normally not that interested in fractal art, probably because she doesn´t understand it. But she liked this one. I guess flowers are something we all recognise.

Anyway, my grandma asked me to make it yellow. Because yellow was my grandfathers favorite color. We both miss him a lot, even though it´s been years by now. I picked out the gradient and adjusted the colors until she was happy with it. I think it turned out pretty well.

Now, on to the more technical aspects, right? I think this was my first time to actually tweak parameters in apophysis. What this means is that this fractal is based on someone elses work, that I modified. The artist who created the original can be found in a link in the description at DeviantART.

I always thought that tweaking other people’s parameters was kind of cheating, and I still fell a bit like unsure about this. Then there´s the concern that you are not going to do the original any justice. And just how much are you supposed to change it? It´s a bit tricky. But I have also come to realise that tweaking is a very good way to learn. At least if you take the time to properly study the material. I spend a lot of time picking things apart and trying to understand what does what and why, before actually trying to do anything.

By the way, what´s your favorite color?