Yesterday, my 50mm lens finally arrived. In one piece and fully working, wich is always a bonus. It´s an old rikenon  (ricoh) f 2 lens, probably a cheap kit lens. It´s all plastic. But it was cheap and in good condition. It´s also tiny and very light. Most likely my new lens for family photos.

The main reason I bought this however, was not to use it on its own. I had an old 2x teleconverter that was not being used. A vivitar for the ones who are interested.  My father bought it at an auction for next to nothing. And this teleconverter doesn´t just give you twice the range, it also enables 1:1 magnification.

And since macro was always something of a dream to me, getting the opportunity to get into it for a very cheap price is very appealing. So today I went outside and tried to get really close to some of the things in nature. At the end of the day, the bugs where responsible for the most interesting shots. But the flowers will get their room to eventually.

I know people will often say that teleconverters are best avoided. But for the price, I think that the image quality is perfectly fine. And sometimes you just don´t have the budget to get a dedicated macro lens. This is a good start, and I know my skills are whats causing the biggest imperfections in my pictures right now. Not my equipment.

But it´s important to remember that the teleconverter will make any imperfections in your lens more apparent. It´s also very heavy, and it eats light like crazy. So you will need it to be quite bright when you use it.

And those bugs are sneaky.