Today felt like a good day for part two in my mini-series about the abandoned and empty places I feel so drawn to. The first part is here.

This is a number of places, but they all seem to be connected to one another. My guess is that it was all built, or at least used, by the same people. The staircase you see in some of the pictures go from the house made of stone, up a hill to the tennis court and back down on the other side. Then you follow a path to the small wooden cabin.

There was a lot of work put into these things at some point. Stacking all that stone to make walls. And clearing out an area of the forest to make room for the tennis court.  Nature is slowly reclaiming these thing now, but they still have plenty of years to go. The walls by the staircase have collapsed in places, but for the most part it´s in surprisingly good condition.

I have no idea about the age of these things. My father guessed it was from somewhere around 1920, but I think it might be a bit younger. Like the last place I showed you, this is on Gotland. The island where I spent my holiday. But this place is more hidden, I found it by accident myself. Some people still walk the trails around this place, but it´s not a big tourist attraction. I was walking the beach one day, when suddenly there were a gateway among the trees. You can see it in one of the pictures. Maybe the building within was used by people who went swimming in the Baltic sea.

The red cabin is in pretty good condition, though it seems to have been unused for years. There´s still some furniture inside, like a bed and a small stove. But I didn´t get a good picture of that. Like the other house, this one had intact doors. Though it was quite different from the others, it´s still built on a foundation fo rocks that looks quite similar. The chimney is also made from stacked stone.

If I really wanted to know more about this place, I suppose finding out wouldn´t be that hard. But I´m not sure I want to. I kind of like the idea of not knowing. It leaves some room for imagination,

Any thoughts on this place?