I´ve been absent for a bit again lately, went on a small journey and didn´t really have any internet connection. But now I´m back with a new post, featuring one of my favorite flowers.

We´ve had lilies growing in our garden for as long as I can remember. We fought the battle against the bugs who were out to get them, and won.

Lilies come in many different colors, every one with their own charm. And they are excellent subjects for both photos and paintings. It´s just a very stylish flower. I actually plan to make a watercolor with a lily as subject soon. The hard part is deciding on how to do it.

Most of these shots were taken in my grandmothers garden, where there were a lot of nice subjects. Not just lilies and other flowers, there are also plenty of butterflies. She had several different colors of lilies available, not just the orange ones that we have at home.

My photography’s been a bit uninspired lately. So to get out of that, I decided to play around with the camera a bit. It´s easy to stop experimenting once you get used to the camera. But that´s a bad thing. So i tried to experience and capture the same subjects in many different ways here. Mostly be playing around with focus and aperture. It´s interesting to try to get the focus just right, and vital to the finished photo of course.

All of these photos were taken with the 18-55 kit lens. I like it a lot, and use it most of the time. But I have also ordered an old 50mm from a certain well-known auction site. It might not be the best lens out there, but it was cheap and supposedly in good condition. And I love the older lenses. Hopefully it actually arrives, in one piece. These things always make me nervous.

What flower is your favorite?