I have planned to do a post about butterflies for some time now, but there´s always been something else that I found more interesting. On the bright side, this long wait allowed me to get some more decent shots.

It´s funny how pictures I might have liked at the time  will always look worse when reviewed later. The´re completly unchanged of course. I´m the one who is constantly changing. I like to think that I´m improving, and my older photos are proof of that. But I´m also getting more picky. Photos that I would think very highly of back in the day would never make it out of the camera alive today.

Some of these shots did come out pretty well, at least that´s my opinion today. My sneaking up on bugs skills have improved a bit. And a lot of butterflies can sit surprisingly still. As long as you don´t let a shadow fall over them, then they are very likely to fly of. Staying quiet helps to.

There was a fair deal of cropping in some places here, because I wanted to show of more of the detail in the butterflies. I was actually impressed by the sharpness even when cropping of a lot. Is this in part because of the bigger sensor of the dSLR compared to the compacts I´ve been using? I included a very close crop of one picture, just because I thought it might be of interest to someone. It´s not that bad really.

Although most pictures went through some cropping, the kit lens performs very well when it comes to close-ups as it is. At least that´s what I think. It´s very rare that I remove anything if the subject is a flower, for example.

Are bugs a common subject for you?