Been a few days since my last post, I´ve been very busy for a while. I got accepted into the education I wanted, and now I will be moving a long way from home. So a lot of time have been spent looking for somewhere to live. But now that I finally seem to have found a place, let´s celebrate with some flower photography!

Most of these are from the botanical garden that I visited last week, a very good place for anyone who likes flowers and other plants.

I´m really enjoying my camera, and the best thing about it has to be the fact that it´s mine. Just being able to take photos every day gives a lot of opportunities to learn. And to capture things I missed before, including many beautiful flowers.

I´m pretty happy with the close up capabilities provided by my kit-lens. But I´m still thinking about getting something that can go closer. I do have a teleconverter that enables a 1:1 ratio for your photos. I sadly don´t have any lens that goes well with it though. I´m thinking about getting a 50mm of some kind, preferably an older one. It shouldn´t be to expensive, and probably a good lens for portraits to.

For now I´m happy with what i got
though. And i plan to find a lot more things to photograph. What´s your favorite subject?