I mentioned in an earlier post, I´ve been obsessed with painting lately. So today I´m showing you my two most recent things.

The street is painted from memory, after a view I saw in Visby one day. Both of these things is a try to work faster. And avoid too much fussing. It might not give me the best results, but it´s good practice. The street view gave me some trouble. It ended up looking like something made by a small child. But I decided to share it anyway, because it feels like an important step down the road. If you went searching for this street, you would most likely not find it. It changed a bit from the original when I put it on paper.

My painting of the poppy is a bit more successful. I wanted to paint the ones that grew close to where we are staying. But a lawnmower ate them. So I had to make do with this small and lonely thing. But it was pretty to. Halfwaythrough this i dropped my brush in a place where it couldn´t be reached. It was pure sadness. But i had a small backup to finish this with.

Whenever I photograph a drawing or painting, it always turn out wrong. I don´t know how to fix it either. Keep trying i guess. The poppy in particular looks a lot better in person.

What to paint next?