I have always been fascinated by the empty and forgotten places of the world. They always get me thinking about the people who once were connected to that place. Why did they leave? What was their lives like? And will people ever return and bring new life to what was once left behind?

This will most likely turn into a mini series of sorts, featuring one place at the time. But I can´t promise any regularity. Hopefully you will enjoy it anyway.

This place was visited recently, it´s Furillen on the island  Gotland where I´m currently a tourist. This is an old factory of sorts, where they crushed stone. Not the most glamorous job, I´m sure. The factory eventually closed down, and the area became closed to the public. It belonged to the military for some time, but today it´s open for visits again. This is a good example of a place that´s been given new life, the area is now home to a hotel. It´s also a pretty popular place to take photos for different ads,
though the cliffs are a more common subject than the factory. Fancy that.

But there are still plenty of signs showing the age of this place, and some buildings are still mostly empty.