I had a few posts planned for the past couple of days, but late nights kept me of the computer. I´ve had plenty of things to do, and lots of photographs have been taken of some nice things. I´ve done some painting to. And in the middle of it all my family decided to take me to one of the tournaments that take place on the island during the summer. Knights, horses, archers and plenty of opportunities for some action shots.

The audience was split into two sides, the city and the country. Each side then cheered for their knights as they competed in the different parts of the tournament. The city won in the end, but not until the knights had challenged each other man to man.

This was a quite unusual challenge for me, especially since my favorite subjects are normally things like flowers and landscapes. Now, anyone who spent some time shooting flowers can probably tell you about how the wind can make them move more than expected. But the´re not likely to run away. The horses during the tournament did run though, quite a lot. And at times at struggled with getting things in focus. But my trusted old zoom lens and I did our best.

It got pretty dark towards the end of it all, and so the iso went up. Because as usual I had no other option than handholding the camera. The last of my photos were taken at iso 6400, but I think the quality is decent, considering it all. I wanted to keep the aperture at 8, because the images tend to get kind of hazy otherwise. I think that´s caused by the lens. Maybe the result of my efforts isn´t the best, but I know I learned a lot that night.

And I will visit the tournament again at some point!