I have mentioned in another post that Gotland is also called the island of roses. So to give the flowers their own post seemed like a good idea.

I went to the botanical garden today, something I looked forward to for some time. They had a number of interesting flowers and plants, both from Sweden and beyond. And of course there was many different kinds of roses. I`m not going to show you all of them this time, just a selected (not so) few.

A few of these flowers proved to be quite the challenge. Especially the ones with very strong colors, like yellow and red. It was hard to get enough contrast, it all just melted together into one vaguely rose-shaped thing. But I still had a great day, and the weather kept nice enough until we got back home. And I could spend the cold evening going through the photos of the day.

The raw format is my new best friend, but I´m having a hard time deciding just how much is enough. I don´t want my pictures to look overly edited. A lot of the shots in this post are basically straight out of the camera, I really like that. Can you tell wich ones? I would like to be able to show every picture as it is. But at the same  time I wan´t them all to be the best they can be.

On another note, I also took lots of other shots today. At the cathedral for example. They will all be posted at some point. I have enough themes thought up to last me some time. And there will be a post about the other flowers at the botanical garden at some point. There´s no escaping it 😀