We arrived at Gotland during the night, so today we were all lazy and tired. And the weather was strange, warm but very hazy. So I spent most of the day inside, except for an hour spent photographing some birds. Plenty of time for watercolor in other words.

The painting you see here was a pretty quick thing, but I´m kind of happy with it. Even though it looks better in person. The photo is too pale. I was hoping to paint the sunset here, but since it´s so hazy outside you can´t really tell the ocean from the sky right now. Maybe tomorrow. I have to be content with landscapes from fantasy for now.

I´m not really sure if this drawing is looking to plain or not. Adding a new element to it might not be a good idea though. I was thinking about adding some more texture to it, in the grass for example. But decided against it until I´m convinced it´s a good idea. Does anyone have an opinion on this?

Tomorrow will be photography time for me, but I also hope to get to paint my sunset. I need to paint from life more 😛