I´m going of on small journey today, for a week. The destination is Gotland, a swedish island. Also known as the island of roses. I have been there once before and really look forward to going back.

There will hopefully be a few post published during the week, and defiantly a lot of art. Both the camera, drawing material and watercolor is waiting eagerly in my backpack. It´s a beautiful place I´m going to, with lots of stuff to get inspiration from. And there´s a botanical garden. I couldn´t ask for a better place to do flower photography, my favorite thing. So a crazy amount of flowers is to be expected.

I also hope for some nice sunsets. Since I don´t really live close to the coast, getting a chance to shot sunsets over unobstructed seas is very nice. There´s a ton of other subjects as well, and I hope to capture it all. Hopefully some of it will be in paint to 🙂

Let´s hope for some nice weather!