I received a small amount of money as a gift for my graduation, and decided to treat myself to some new watercolors with it. Been quite obsessed with watercolors lately, I tend to obsess about things quite often. But there´s something about them that just feels right, and they “feel like summer” to me. And oil pastels are more like winter. Or maybe I´m just crazy. I do love the look of watercolors however, especially for illustrations.

This picture is what was created yesterday evening, to try those colors out. I wanted to keep the number of colors fairly low, but still be able to try them out properly. So only using primaries seemed like a good choice. Realism didn´t feel very tempting at the time. There´s something about just playing with different shapes that´s very enjoyable. And it´s easier to get some variation in the picture this way. When you´re bored, just turn it upside down or something 😛 I have a landscape planned for tonight though, because I want to use some green.

The set of watercolor I got for myself  was Winsor & Newton Cotman, a set of 12 half pans. Student grade paint, but still a big step up from the stuff I used before. And the set was cheap and small, very convenient to bring along. Especially when you have a water brush. I also got myself some watercolor paper, Canson Montval,  wich is nice to have. Not the best stuff, but great for practicing on. And cheaper than the slightly obscure store brands.