I haven´t been very active this past week, for wich I apologise. My next post about the zoo will b up tonight. I spent a lot of time away from home this week and was also quite sick for a while. This was also the first week in some time that I have been able to concentrate on my writing. Got completely carried away and had a great time.

But now I find myself thinking about a few things concerning my writing. Maybe posting this will help me with answers.

I made this blog because I wanted a place for my art. And writing is art to in my opinion. But somehow I feel like my writing does not belong here, among a lot of more “visual” things. Maybe it´s better if I make a second separate blog for my literature projects. Since I´m quite interested in the theories behind the writing as well, I know there would be no lack of content. But would there be any interest, from others and myself? That´s the big question.