Another zoo themed post, although it´s a small one. I guess two post in a day will do that to you.

This time, the theme is lizards. I always enjoyed pictures of them, but photos and other kinds of artwork. It´s something about the detail of the scales and how they manage to look so very unreal. Like something from a different time. As a child, I loved looking at the lizards at the pet store.

Our zoo doesn´t have a great deal of reptiles anymore, I remember a time when there was more. But we do have the largest species of lizards in the world, the komodo dragon. There is also the helmeted basilisk.

As usual, getting shots of the lizards presented some challenges as well. But I think they were fairly minor this time. Mostly the usual thing with shooting through glass. And pretty dim light with the komodo dragons.

Next post will probably be about something different, I feel like painting now for some reason 😀