Life got int he way of blogging yesterday, but now I´m here with a new post about my day at the zoo. This one will have a bit fewer photos then the posts about otters and cats, but I hope you will enjoy it. Today, the theme is the red panda. A very cute animal, in my opinion:)

I really discovered a few things about my zoom lens when taking these shots, and about my own limitations as well. True to their nature the pandas were up in a tree, but for once you could actually see the face on this one. This is the first time I´ve ever been able to get a photo where you see something more than a red backside. This is also when I really noticed the difference between the compact camera I used before and the equipment I have now. I think the old camera actually could have gotten a little bit closer to the subject, but the number of useable photos would be a lot smaller in the end. Maybe the raw format have something to do with this. I don´t claim any knowledge on the subject 😛

The glass wasn´t a problem here, wich was nice. The biggest challenge was getting close to the pandas without  my hands shaking all over the place and blurring every shot. But it was so worth the time,  this is possibly the cutest thing I saw that day.

What to do next?