When I thought about what kind of animals to choose for my second zoo-themed post, the otters felt like the obvious answer. This is without any doubt the most funny and active animals at our zoo. The first post was about the cats at the zoo, and can be found here.

The zoo in my city have to kinds of otters. The giant otter and worlds smallest, the oriental small-clawed otter. The´re both very agile and near constantly on the move. Combined with dirty glass, water and a pretty dark indoor environment this made them quite the challenge. But I enjoyed looking at them, and when I got home to check my photos more than half were of otters 😀 I tried to include photos showing the otters in as many different situations as possible, to give you a feeling of what i was like to watch them.

We were lucky enough to be around the small ones at feeding time, a great opportunity to get some shots. The giant otters didn´t provide that kind of luxury, but I found good use for the 400mm tokina there.

The next post will be a bit harder to decide on, but I guess it will all become clear tomorrow 🙂