Yesterday I finally made the visit to the zoo I´ve been talking about in so many posts 🙂 I took so many photos, they couldn´t possibly be fitted into one single post. The two 8 gig memory cards were full. even after i cleaned out the worst pictures to make more room. So there will be a few post with some different themes. And since the wild cats of the world are some of the most beautiful things I know, we will start with the cats at the zoo.

The “lens of the day” was the old 100-300mm chinon that performed quite well, in my opinion. But the 400mm tokina of somewhat similar age came into use as well. It was used the capture the clouded leopard above. A lucky shot, and even tough it´s far from perfect I`m very happy with it. We didn´t see this beautiful thing until we were about to leave. I was handholding a camera with a 400mm lens and had one shot left on the memory card. I really had just one chance this time 😀

My 400mm gave me a pleasant surprise. I felt like it´s a better lens then the chinon, maybe because it´s a prime? I don´t have much experience with different lenses yet.

The biggest challenge when shooting at the zoo was definitely the glass. It was very dirty and scratched in places, giving images a hazy look. And of course the challenge of the animals moving around, but that´s part of the fun. To occasionally manage to capture something unusual 🙂

What´s your favorite animal?