I spent some time in the local parks during the past week. It was nice to see all those flowers, and of course even better to take some shots of them. The photos in this post are some of my favorites, but it was a though decision. There was so many pretty things growing there. I will probably post some more later on, along with some shots of the birds I saw there. Birds is a subject I didn´t realy enjoy before. But now I´m starting to enjoy the challenge it brings.

In other news, I´m going to the zoo tomorrow. So lots of animal photographs can be expected soon. I never get tired of the zoo because of all the possibilities the animals give. There will also be some pictures of the reason for my absence lately. My mothers new cat. A very cute and shy little thing who looks a bit like an owl. I had to shower her in love for a few days.

I also started painting in during the this past week. So there will be some traditional stuff as well. So much to do, so little time! 😀