Like I mentioned in the previous post, I have planned to try out the old manual lenses i picked up recently for next to nothing 🙂 The 400mm will have to wait  a little longer. But at least one of them got out in the nice weather today. This particular lens is an Auto Chinon 100-300mm. And I think this day might be the beginning of a new obsession, there is nothing like giving new life to old things. My less than average skills makes it a bit difficult to tell what´s caused by the lens and what´s just my shaky hands and poor judgment. But I think it´s fair to say handheld closeups at 300mm is not the strongest point for this lens. No surprises there really. Nothing that can´t be fixed with some practice tough, I´m sure. And prehaps a tripod.

I plan to take this one with me when I visit the zoo next week, wich will hopefully give some nice photo opportunities. Being able to capture that squirrel convinced me that it´s a good idea. Never thought I would manage to focus manually on a moving animal, but now I think it might actually be easier this way.

Anyone out there with experience in older lenses? I would love to hear what you have to say!