I graduated from school a few days ago. I´m pretty sure this will be the biggest change ever to occur in my life, going from student to unemployed and hopefully to university student after the summer. But I will try my best to enjoy every moment, at least I will always have my art:)

Graduation didn´t just bring changes. There was also the new camera I received as a gift. A dream come true, to finally have my own dslr. I used to borrow from everyone else like mentioned here 😛 Yesterday I got to use it properly and managed to get these picks in the wonderful afternoon light. The kit lens was being used here.

So, now I´m the proud owner of a Pentax k-r. And also of a few old manual lenses that will come into use soon. So expect more photography (and a lot of flowers, I just can´t stop)! Summer always means more photography for me by the way, because you can be outside for a longer time without your hands freezing 😉